A journal by Lisa.


With this year’s rainy season in Tokyo seemingly taking a temporary break, I jumped at the chance to go outside for a bit of shooting. Luckily, there was even some filtered sunshine through the moody clouds yesterday afternoon, and I brought out a dress I purchased a few years ago, that I’ve only had the chance to wear once or twice. It’s actually a very light and comfortable dress, I realized, perfect for a warm afternoon like this. I think I’ll have to break it out a few more times this summer!

Taking self-portraits is a very interesting experience; I’m so used to being in control and seeing exactly what I wanted framed from behind the camera. When shooting self portraits, I usually use a remote and the camera self-timer. It feels sort of like shooting blind, as I can’t really be sure of everything going on in the photo, but it’s a great learning experience! Hopefully I can get better at it and learn more techniques for focusing correctly even when I’m not behind the camera. Another thing I need to get better at is not being too conscious about people passing by and looking.. 🙂 They must be so confused, seeing me flounce around alone in front of a camera and tripod!