A journal by Lisa.


Today was another day of on and off rain in Tokyo! The weather was unbelievable: warm, sunny blue skies with white fluffy clouds floating overhead, then all of a sudden thick gray storm clouds covered the sky and rain started pouring down. Of course I didn’t bring my umbrella and had a few fun running through the rain moments 🙂 Luckily it’s summer, when it’s comfortably warm enough that I don’t mind getting a bit soaked!

I’m still catching up on photos; here is a set from my first visit to Sagamiko a few weeks back. The area around the station reminded me a bit of Takaosan (not far off from Sagamiko), the Yamanashi area, and the small town atmosphere near Zushi station. I absolutely love the quiet, countryside atmosphere of places like these. They really fill me with a sense of peace.

Near the lake, it was very tranquil with few people around. Small, vintage-looking arcades, sweets shops, and a boat rental shop lined the shore. Out on the water, I felt giddy – I hadn’t been on a boat out in a lake for ages, maybe since before I moved to Japan. The mountains rose up on the other side, thickly covered with trees. A hawk sailed past and wheeled about the nearby water. What a blissful few hours.